Amazon MWS from Imagine Retailer pushes direct-ship items from your website straight to Amazon, creating hands-free revenue on the world's largest online marketplace.

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With Amazon MWS from Imagine Retailer:

• Instantly and automatically push drop-ship inventory to a fully-supported Amazon storefront. You can exclude individual items or entire product categories.

• Easily set the pricing for all of the drop-ship items you are selling.

• Your sales take place on Amazon, the most trusted name in online selling.

• Amazon securely processes the financial transaction

• Inventory is automatically and frequently updated, eliminating the sale of backorder products that could lower your Amazon ranking.

• Receive immediate notification of new sales, which are viewable on your Imagine Retailer dashboard and your Amazon Seller Central account.

Order fulfillment is automated between Amazon, your Imagine Retailer website, and the drop-ship manufacturer.

Order Placement
Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), orders from Amazon are automatically transmitted from Imagine Retailer to the appropriate drop-shipper.

Order Confirmation
Upon completion of their purchase, Amazon updates the customer with all pertinent details concerning the shipment process involved.

Consumer Tracking
Not only are customers informed of advanced shipment details, they are also given the tools to keep tabs on their purchases, track the movement of their order, and know exactly when their purchase will arrive.

Inventory Adjustments
Automatic inventory adjustments are made upon order completion, meaning that every order you transact can be fulfilled in a timely, smooth fashion, avoiding hold-ups and dreaded backorders.

Order Notification
All parties are notified of the order submission and receive electronic confirmation on subsequent processing, assuring them that all steps of the transaction were successfully completed.

At only $100/month per vendor with your Imagine Retailer website, Amazon MWS opens an exciting and affordable new revenue stream for your store!

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